Travel and accommodation


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How to get to the conference site

  • The conference will take place at the Orsay campus of the University Paris-Sud situated in the Chevreuse Valley about 20 km to the south west from Paris (location on the map). The official address of the Orsay campus: 15 rue Georges Clemenceau, 91400 Orsay.
  • The campus is very close to the station "Orsay-Ville" of the RER B line (use the interactive plan of the public transportation; the RER B is the thick blue line from the north to the south). Between Paris and Orsay, there is a train every 10-15 minutes. The line RER B has several branches with various destinations, so please make you sure that your train stops in "Orsay-Ville". Please note that the Charles de Gaulle airport and the railway stations Gare du Nord and Massy TGV are on the same line. The Orly airport is linked by Orlyval to the station Antony which is on the same line too.
  • If you arrive from Paris with a RER train, the campus is on the right-hand side. Since January 2018 the mathematics department occupies the new building 307. To access the building starting from the train station you may use the small map (pdf) and the annotated Google map.
  • If you are staying at one of the local hotels (see below), simply walk to the department. Use the annotated Google map.



If you use RER B trains outside Paris, you need a special ticket Origin-Destination. The standard parisian ticket "T+" is not valid. The ticket "from A to B" is also valid for "from B to A". The ticket "from A to Paris" is valid from any station inside Paris to the station A (and the other way round).

The one-way ticket from Paris to Orsay-Ville costs 4,45€ (April 2019), and there is a discount of 20% if you buy 10 tickets at once. For the whole week, we recommend to buy the Navigo week travel pass 1-5 for 22,80€ (April 2019). The pass is loaded on a special plastic card called "Navigo Découverte": it can be bought for 5 euros, and you will need to put your name and glue your photo on it (see explanation on a dedicated webpage). The week pass is valid for all public transportation in the Paris region (the only exception is the Orlyval train for Orly airport).



The participants receiving a financial support from the organizers will receive specific instructions. All other participants are kindly asked to book their accommodation by themselves.

If you never visited Orsay before, please read the information carefully and study the maps attached before you book a room.

Lunch, dinner

The lunches will be at the university canteen CESFO which is at a 2-minute walk from the mathematics building.

If you stay close to the campus (Orsay/Bures/Gif), you may go for a dinner to one of the restaurants in the central part of the respective villages (please note that most places open for dinner around 20:00). In the same area you may find other services (banks, shops, restaurants, bars and so on). Please use the annotated Google map.