Photo: Presidence building of the University Paris-Sud (Source: Photothèque de l'Université Paris-Sud)

Update (2022): the next edition is going to take place in Oldenburg: LINK

The conference Aspect'19 "Asymptotic analysis & spectral theory" took place on September 30 - October 4, 2019 in Orsay. It was the fourth iteration of the series (previous editions: Mainz-2012, Orsay-2015, Trier-2017). The meeting was dedicated to the spectral analysis of differential operators and related topics of mathematical physics, with a special attention given to asymptotic methods and spectral geometry, and the main objective of the whole series to motivate new interactions among researchers working in these domains.

The meeting was organized by Valentina Franceschi, Konstantin Pankrashkin and Olaf Post. The organization committee can be contacted at

The funding for the meeting was provided by the French-German University (Deutsch-Französische Hochschule - Université franco-allemande), the Fondation Mathématique Jacques Hadamard, the CNRS, the University Paris-Sud and the Laboratoire Ypatia des Sciences Mathématiques (LYSM).

  • Final list of participants
  • Program (contains links to presentations)
  • Some information on travel and accommodation
  • Reasons to participate in the meeting
    • We encourage an active participation, and a number of slots for contributed talks are available. In case of a large number of high-quality talk proposals we will organize parallel sessions. (Update: the deadline for submissions is over, sorry!)
    • Some financial support for young researchers based in France and Germany is possible due to a grant from the French-German University.
    • Meet potential collaborators! The mathematics department in Orsay is systematically ranked among the best ones in the world. In addition, it is the center of the scientific cluster Paris-Saclay with several hundreds of mathematicians, many of whom are specialized in partial differential equations and spectral theory and will be participating in the meeting.
    • Learn Paris region from a different perspective! The town of Orsay is 25 km away from Paris (map) but has a good transport connection with the city (it takes ca. 35 minutes by RER B, there are trains every 10-15 minutes). Some accommodation options in/near Orsay are available as well. The Orsay campus is a beautiful botanical garden. The department recently moved into a new modern building specifically conceived for mathematicians, which offers an exceptional atmosphere for both local researchers and visitors.
    • Finally, the university canteen in Orsay is known for a great food quality. Enjoy French cuisine at low prices! :) 
Mathematics department (Institut de Mathématique d'Orsay). Photo taken by the organizers.