Photo: Presidence building of the University Paris-Sud (Source: Photothèque de l'Université Paris-Sud)

The conference Aspect'19 "Asymptotic analysis & spectral theory" will take place on September 30 - October 4, 2019 in Orsay. It will be the fourth iteration of the series (previous editions: Mainz-2012, Orsay-2015, Trier-2017). The meeting will be dedicated to the spectral analysis of differential operators and related topics of mathematical physics, with a special attention given to asymptotic methods and spectral geometry. Our main objective is to motivate new interactions among researchers working in these domains.

The meeting is organized by Valentina Franceschi, Konstantin Pankrashkin and Olaf Post. E-mail address of the organizers:

Mathematics department (Institut de Mathématique d'Orsay). Photo taken by the organizers.